design services

JBL Design offers a range of services depending on your requirements. We work with clients, architects, builders and developers. Our services extend from design consultation through to the design, implementation and installation of a project.

The studio contains a comprehensive, internationally sourced library of products, fabrics, finishes and visual references. Judith modifies and combines the latest ideas, images, materials and know-how from local and overseas suppliers, then combines them to achieve a cohesive, lasting originality.


Interior Architecture

–    Interior and exterior finishes selection and specification

–    Collaboration with architect, builder or developer

–    Comprehensive scheduling, drawings and documentation of all selections


Interior Decoration

–    Design consultation

–    Paint specification and scheduling

–    Lighting and electrical selections

–    The selection of furniture and fittings through to installation


Soft Furnishings

–    The design, manufacturing and installation of all soft furnishings


Custom Built Furniture

–   Design, manufacture, and installation of a piece designed especially for you and your requirements. May that be a television cabinet, desk or dining table.


Apartments Packages

–    Apartment Ready Living offers a range of furniture packages offering an efficient furniture solution without you having to allocate the time or resources.